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theram19: Ain’t that the truth lol Apr 14, 2019 0:23:34 GMT
Naomi New Year: is anyone ok these days :thatspussybabes: Apr 14, 2019 0:22:24 GMT
theram19: Hi also are you ok? Apr 13, 2019 17:52:20 GMT
lvincent: omg are you a new member? HELLO!!!! Apr 13, 2019 17:27:52 GMT
jirenthegrey: Why whats going on !? Apr 13, 2019 17:26:46 GMT
lvincent: I'M SO SAD Apr 13, 2019 17:26:06 GMT
ItsMeBilly: New member! Yay! Apr 8, 2019 18:19:20 GMT
ItsMeBilly: Same. It's real weird not having him around. Apr 4, 2019 6:19:51 GMT
100percentcotton: I messaged Greg a couple of days ago. Hope to see him back once the semester ends. Apr 3, 2019 17:32:06 GMT
Naomi New Year: Also the new Twilight Zone has me shook Apr 3, 2019 0:09:32 GMT
Naomi New Year: we just become characters every once in and awhile but my set is still stuck in January lol Apr 3, 2019 0:09:22 GMT
ItsMeBilly: I never understand anyone's nicknames Apr 2, 2019 18:46:08 GMT
ItsMeBilly: america, idk why Apr 2, 2019 18:46:00 GMT
lvincent: what is Greg's username Apr 2, 2019 17:35:23 GMT
lvincent: wait so Naomi is Mikey Apr 2, 2019 17:35:20 GMT
ItsMeBilly: I also am here, even tho I was rudely not mentioned. :hiane: Apr 2, 2019 7:50:33 GMT
lvincent: Nooooo Gregggg Apr 2, 2019 0:41:05 GMT
Naomi New Year: I know Chris, John, and I are still here and Car can't be too too far away since his last post wasn't that long ago, but Greg is on hiatus at the moment because he is busy with school and personal life. Apr 1, 2019 20:23:15 GMT
ItsMeBilly: Omg so many people are online rn. Apr 1, 2019 4:50:29 GMT
100percentcotton: Whose still with us??? Apr 1, 2019 3:11:15 GMT